BIG NEWS: We’re Launching a Podcast!


You guys. I am so excited to be sharing this news with you. This has been a long time in the making and I almost chickened out and decided to keep putting it off… you know, doing this 2 days before I leave for my wedding is a little insane… but I did it. Here it is. It exists and its going live VERY SOON: I’m launching a Podcast!

Roots To Roam (The Podcast) is a health & wellness podcast focusing on living your life in alignment with your values. Its about asking the big questions, seeking truth, challenging the status quo, breaking habits, and designing a life that is fully aligned with your highest self. This, to me, is the definition of true Wellness, and through the conversations on this show, we will be hearing from people who are living The Good Life. You’ll hear from me (of course) and you’ll also hear from my regular guest and occasional co-host, Madeline Armstrong (on Instagram as @plantbowls) and you’ll also be hearing from a variety of different guests: entrepreneurs, feminists, environmentalists, zero-waste-ers, activists, life coaches, yogis, Chinese medicine doctors, digital nomads and world travelers, and yes, a few vegans. The goal of these conversations is to learn from people who are doing things differently and to develop strategies to create meaningful decisions and a conscious life for ourselves. These people are WOKE and I can’t wait to share these conversations with you.

The podcast will be launching this week on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher and you can expect a new episode every Wednesday! Get yourself through the rest of the week with a dose of inspiration – be sure to check us out soon and remember to rate, review, subscribe, and share to help our message grow!

Thanks for all the support and stay tuned for the official launch!

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