Lifestyle Design, 20-hour Work Weeks, & Entrepreneurship with April Beach


This episode is jam-packed with information to inspire your journey in or towards living an intentional life! Come prepared to take some notes and soak it all up. Cat talks to April Beach about entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, and aligning business with your values.

April Beach is the creator of the SweetLife Entrepreneur System and she works as a business strategist for entrepreneurs who believe that purpose and freedom are as important as profit. Since launching her first business consulting work at age 20, April has gone on to coach over four thousand entrepreneurs and has developed world-class coaching programs for corporations. She’s also a podcast host, an author, speaker, and creator of online courses, socially conscious businesses, the founder of a non-profit, an environmental rights activist, and mom of three boys. April has been featured all over the media, from The Today Show to the New York Times because she is the embodiment of lifestyle design.

In this episode April and Cat discuss:

  • What is lifestyle design? (Hint: It’s not about Ferrari’s, but if it were, we wouldn’t mind)
  • Who is entrepreneurship for?
  • Scalable business models, automation, and relationship-building for time and location freedom.
  • The 5 phases of the SweetLife Entrepreneur System.
  • The realities of being an entrepreneur and what it takes to get to a 20-hour work week.
  • The importance of knowing your why.
  • How fear shows up for entrepreneurs and how to use it as a strength.
  • Social entrepreneurship, giving back, having a business that cares.
  • The connection between a values-based business and a values-based life.

A few of April’s recommended resources are:

Start With Why – Simon Sinek

The One Thing – Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

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