New Podcast Episode: 30 on 30 – with Madeline Armstrong


New episode (#5) is out today! Head over to iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher to listen (or check it out below) and remember to subscribe, review, and share!

What IS the big deal with turning 30, anyway? Cat and Madeline break it down in a 30 minute episode, touching on why people like to make 30 sound like such a big, sad milestone (and IS it really, anymore?), how death makes each birthday feel more like a profound gift, what Krista Tippett and Sheryl Sandberg had to say about it, the difference between their 21st and 30th birthday celebrations, #grandmalife and why being 30 is like straddling the best of old being a teen and being old. LIT AF.

Link to On Being Episode mentioned in the show


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