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In this opening episode of Roots to Roam, get to know your host, Cat Fríes and her regular guest, sometimes co-host, and bestie, Madeline Armstrong, as they talk about how they came to alignment with their values. Cat shares her story of her turning point moment (seeing “Earthlings”) through the lens of Rich Roll’s wife being “brought to her knees”, existential anxiety, growing up eating a Colombian family diet, and how she’s not actively forcing veganism on anyone. Madeline shares about how she actually doesn’t like animals that much (eep), her gradual schlep into veganism, her angsty teenage diary goals, her early morning productive hours, and owning the less-than-mainstream lifestyle. Plus they talk about listening to their bodies and how sometimes NOT exercising is the healthier thing to do and how we’re all constant works in progress. While this Roots to Roam is not just a vegan podcast, in this episode, get ready to listen to an inspiring and fun conversation about choosing a healthier, more compassionate life.

Madeline Armstrong can be found on Instagram at @plantbowls

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