Quitting the 9-to-5, Financial and Location Freedom, and Living in a Sprinter Van with Alli and Matt Owen


Alli and Matt Owen are former engineers who recently left their six figure jobs to live in a converted Sprinter van and travel the Americas. They help people align their finances to their values over at Owen Your Future.

In this episode, Cat chats with the couple about:

  • Financial freedom and alternative ways of thinking about saving for retirement.
  • Feeling misaligned in their careers
  • Trapped in the 9-5 grind
  • Living a freedom-based lifestyle
  • Aligning careers with their values
  • Analyzing risk
  • Letting go of social expectations and living life on their own terms
  • Living out of a sprinter van and traveling around the Americas

Check this episode out for some major life inspiration!

And to learn more about Alli and Matt Owen:
Owen Your Future:


Instagram: @owenyourfuture@cliffordthevan

And a few of their favorite links referenced during the show:



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