Rant: The Food Industry Is Destroying Everything


I recently posted this on my Instagram account (instagram.com/rootstoroam or @rootstoroam) but I feel passionately enough about this issue that I wanted to repost here on the blog. I recently came across some news on my Facebook feed that stated: “Over Seven Million Pounds of Hotdogs Recalled After Bone Fragments Are Found” and my first reaction was to be horrified and saddened, and then, as usual, I got angry. Like real angry. The troubling thing about this news is that I’m certain most people will look right past it and say, “damn, guess I just lost 4 bucks” as they throw out a packet of hotdogs into their trash bin. The majority of the population will not care, not think twice, and at best, maybe be a little grossed out that they may have eaten bone fragments, but most people won’t ask questions or dig a little deeper to see what is actually going on. Its hard to dissect all the layers of the issue without going on an hours-long rant about all the corruption in the food industry, all the environmental impacts of raising animals for food, all the health issues from eating animal products, all the human rights violations associated with factory farm jobs, all the ethical issues with a mass-killing of sentient beings, BUT I will try… in a short and pithy rant which captures the surface of these issues and hopes that you’ll take it from there and keep digging further. This is a big battle we’re fighting, but we have a responsibility to speak up when we see wrongdoing and continue the revolution, no matter how small. So with that… my rant:

Over 7 million pounds of cows and pigs sadistically murdered apparently for the pleasure of killing; remains dumped in trash cans around the country. – News

[Or otherwise known as a standard hotdog recall.]

This shit is infuriating. There was a time where I wouldn’t have batted an eye but once you make the connection and realize that meat comes from once living, beautiful sentient creatures that we share the earth with, it no longer feels like recall-business-as-usual. This is what happens when your dollars go to a system that puts profit first, and no one else second. Not you, not your health, not the factory workers they employ, not the planet, and certainly not animals. We all lose when you play their game. These animals died horrifically and for no reason but if that’s not your thing then at least care about yourself. This “food” is killing us, polluting our bodies with carcinogens and keeping us sick so we need to pay for medications so the pharmaceutical industry can profit our of your illnesses.

They want you to stay dissonant because dissonance and ignorance are good for business. Corporations, lobbies, and federal organizations do not care about you. Not the FDA or the USDA or whoever the fuck designs food pyramids.

And it’s not just hotdogs, we all know they’re bad for you. Its the lean chicken breast, Greek yogurt, and eggs whites. It’s all part of the same system that casually discards 7 million pounds of dead animals because oops, we were moving too fast to keep up with 4th of July BBQ demand and our slaughter house workers are underpaid and don’t have time to pee or eat so they have to wear diapers to work and maybe your coworker was raped by her shitty manger last week but because she’s undocumented she can’t get help and he gets away with it so everyone’s a little on edge and also this job sucks because we have to murder animals all day so we get distracted and make mistakes and oops we accidentally ground up a bunch of bones and other unmentionables in that machine, oh shit, fuck it, keep moving, boss is angry that we’re behind on production and we have hungry Americans to feed so they can properly celebrate “freedom.” 🇺🇸

I believe we all have a connection to our highest consciousness, that we have compassion in our hearts and fire to seek justice in our souls. I believe we are capable of enormous change, of toppling down giants and creating a new normal. But it can’t happen if we’re all asleep, living in the matrix and refusing to take the red pill. I don’t care what your cause is, but I urge you to fight for it fearlessly. Do nothing and things never change, but do something and you plant the seeds for a new generation of people to help us change the world.

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