Self Love and Body Image: A Conversation with Jessi Kneeland


Jessi Kneeland is a literal badass. She’s a body image coach, a writer, speaker, soon-to-be clinical sexologist, a TEDx speaker, and social media star. You’ve probably seen her raw and honest posts on Instagram or read her writings on Greatist, Buzzfeed, Women’s Health, Shape, Health, Girls Gone Strong, and so much more.

Jessi is a voice to be reckoned with and today we sit down with her to share some real honest truth about self love, body image, the stories we tell to protect ourselves, about authenticity, connection, and how abs do not equal happiness. Jessi also talks to us about how to work through fear, shame, and trauma, how we hold these in our bodies, and how we can peel away our protective layers to find our truest Self. This is an episode you do not want to miss – be sure to tune in now, and check Jessi out all over the webs here:


Instagram: @jessikneeland

Twitter: @jessikneeland

Facebook: Jessi Kneeland


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