The Podcast: It’s Here!


Its official… Roots to Roam, the podcast, is LIVE.

*panting slightly*

Oh. my. gawd.

I’m so pumped to be sharing this with the world – this has been my passion project for the past few months and with the collaboration of my dear amazing friend, Madeline Armstrong, it is now here, birthed into the world, and I’m so excited (and a little nervous omg duh) to be putting this baby out there.

Head over to iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher and search for “Roots To Roam” and be sure to subscribe! And if you’re feeling extra kind, take a moment to leave us a quick review and share with your friends – this would help get the word out so much and I will love you forever for it.

And stay tuned on Wednesdays for a new episode every week! We have lots of good conversations lined up for you so get ready to get inspired.

Check out Roots To Roam now! <3

For iTunes, click here

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