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If you’re vegan you’ve probably gotten a few predictable questions many, many times, and if you’re not vegan you may be wondering certain things that you just aren’t clear on. In my early days of becoming vegan, I remember having one particularly heated debate with someone about veganism and I was immediately put on the defensive. I often look back at that conversation and regret many of the answers I gave, not because they were wrong but because I was stressed and conceded many things to the other person that in my heart I knew weren’t true. Oh how I wish I had known about Colleen Patrick-Goudreau at the time! Shortly after, I discovered her podcast, Food For Thought, and slowly began to understand the simple, straightforward ways to deal with many curve balls thrown my way in my following months as a new vegan. Colleen has a way of so gracefully answering big questions with sincerity, tact, and authenticity – its hard to resist feeling like you wish you could be her, just a little bit. She’s definitely my #vegangoals idol. Take a quick listen for answers to things you’ve probably heard a million times!


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