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Hi there – welcome to Roots to Roam! So glad you found this blog. As this is my first post, I’ll keep things simple. This is a space to explore thoughts and experiences around food (culture, systems, nutrition, health, philosophy, etc), wellness, health & fitness, yoga (I’ll be starting my 200hr yoga teacher training in a few months so stay tuned for reviews on that process), veganism (I’m a happy vegan who loves to spread the good word), feminism (Leaning In every day), and travel (because who doesn’t love the joys that travel can bring you). I like writing essay-type blog posts whenever possible and I love digging in to the heart of stuff as much as I can. I’m not much for the click-bait lists but I’m sure I’ll come up with some when I’m feeling list-y. I love cooking and sharing my food with you but I probably won’t write very articulate recipes because precise recipes are not my jam. My recipes will be more like food ideas or suggestions, without strict measurements or ingredients – I’m totally not a chef, okay? I just want people to eat good shit. Oh, and I will swear and use foul language because its deeply satisfying, cathartic, and expressive and I think its ridiculous when people get offended by words. (sorrynotsorry). Sometimes I will write eloquent prose and other times I will be a hot mess and I don’t care because fuck it, I’m a person and its my blog and I can do what I want. I will try my best to take/post high quality photos but don’t be surprised if most of my food pictures are taken on my busted-ass iPhone 5 with a cracked screen, because damn, carrying around my big DSLR to every restaurant is just stupid. Use your imagination if my pictures suck. I will try really, really hard to not be pretentious or one-dimensional — that is so annoying — but I’m not going to please everyone with my opinions or my lifestyle and that is perfectly okay. Stay if you want, go read another blog if you don’t – I won’t know one way or the other. But please keep this space respectful, compassionate, friendly, and uplifting. I have zero tolerance for dipshits, assholes, idiots, patriarchy, or stupid internet people who hide behind their computers and try to tear other people down anonymously because they secretly hate themselves and have nothing better to do with their sad little lives. Leave that shit at the door. Come here with an open mind, a big heart, a hungry stomach, an urge to travel and expand your horizons, thoughtful comments, friendly debate, and a high standard of respect for your fellow beings. Do that, I’ll do that in my blogging, and we can all get the fuck along because life is too damn short for anything else. Thanks! See you on my next post.

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